Ann-dee Cadigan

Ann-dee, a Long Island native, is a singer, actress, TV reporter and writer. In her spare time, she paints abstract expressionist paintings and designs fashion accessories and pillows.
Music has always been a part of her life-and her debut single, a song called Beware My Heart, with music arranged by former “Jersey Boy”, the talented Lee Shapiro, is currently being played on country music radio shows. Ann-dee has been actively doing more music albums and just did a hit single Rapping With The Witch, for Halloween last year and there is more music to come within the next year. She says she also had a monstrously fun time performing with Halloween icon Butch Patrick of TV’s The Munsters in the music video It’s Only Halloween, and there’ll be at least another project with him in the near future. As a news reporter on Long Island News Tonight, she did news reports on everything from weather to music. And if people say her voice is too loud, she says, “Maybe I’m not loud enough!” Maybe she likes talking-or maybe she’s got a voice like one of her relatives, famous news reel man from the 1930’s to the 1950’s, Ed Herlihy. Life can be a drama-but it’s the comedic side of life, which is the part we all need to remember. Yes, she was on that game show, Cash Cab, and no she didn’t win but “it is all about the experience” she says. “Life can be good and we’re all here to experience it, though for a relatively short time. So don’t think too much-just go for it!”