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Cowboy Bill Martin

Comedian Cowboy Bill Martin has been busy these days adding other words to describe his brand such as television writer, songwriter, children’s book author, screenwriter, philanthropist and designer of even his own clothing line. To say he is busy these days is an understatement. He’s been all over the world, sometimes as the headliner of his own US tour, sometimes as a cruise-ship comedian, other times on goodwill tours to soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. And one of his latest acts is, well, a hat act — but perhaps not in the way you’re thinking.

Martin’s first love has always been his work as a writer. An accomplished lyricist, the comedian has written for the likes of Will Marion and Vincent Falcon (Frank Sinatra’s Orchestra Leader for 12 years). He also has worked under the writing tutelage of John Frink, Executive Producer of the Fox Television Program, The Simpsons. Plus, he has just completed a children’s book and several movie scripts. Don’t let the name fool you. Critic Punch Shaw of The Fort Worth Star Telegram says, “Martin is not your typical country-cowboy comic. There’s no talk about trailer parks or inbreeding. Sure he wears cowboy garb on stage and he speaks with a Texas accent but his comedy touches people of all cultures.”

JD Ryan with CBS Radio, calls Martin’s act “raucous, rowdy and nothing you’ve come to expect with a ‘country’ comedian. It’s like spending time late night at the kitchen table with your cousin, laughing until you cry. Then you find out he’s a big, loud Texan with a great big heart.”