David Thompson

David Thompson recently has picked up a lot of heat—he just wrapped two projects; a Netflix production entitled Coin Heist (solid supporting role) and Public Speaking, a short film in which he portrayed the leading character. Green Room, a film he shot last year, has just completed its run in theaters. He is mainly recognizable for his supporting, comedic role in the film Win Win starring Paul Giamatti, which has recently garnered a lot of play time on HBO. David has portrayed a principal role on IFC’s The Onion News Network, HBO’s How To Make It In America, and CBS’s Unforgettable. He also starred as a lead role in A Christmas Story 2, and the lead in the new thriller Blue Ruin, which has been picked up by Weinstein’s RADiUS, and was viewable on Netflix over the last year. He has booked a commercial for Amazon with Jason Schwartzman and Alec Baldwin.