JD Lawrence

JD Lawrence is an American playwright, actor, director and producer of stage plays, television, and film. Also known as “The King of Dramedy,” has mastered the art of improvisation infused with drama, comedy, music, and quick change. The multi-hyphenate portrays as many as seven characters in his national productions and has been dubbed “The Man of Many Faces” by EBONY magazine. “Onstage, Lawrence is a prodigious theatrical talent,” writes the New York Times. Lawrence has repeatedly performed to sold-out audiences across the country and is the only playwright to write, sing, direct, produce, score and perform over seven different characters in his own production in Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood. On February 16, 2013, Lawrence made his contribution as the first person to create, write, direct, produce, score and portray over ten characters in two simultaneous productions on television; JD Lawrence’s Community Service on UPTV/GMC television network can be seen in more than 58 million homes and JD Lawrence’s The Clean Up Woman, now on BET, can be seen in more than 90 million homes. In addition to his list of firsts, the Grammy and Emmy Award-winner’s writer and director is the first playwright to make the Network Journal’s (in association with Time Warner) Top Forty African American Entrepreneur’s List. Lawrence has written, directed, and starred in over 15 nationally acclaimed touring productions. He has discovered how to turn his passion into a multi-million dollar profit with the triumph of several stage plays.