Jose Guns Alves is known for appearing on the Netflix original series Daredevil (2016) as one of the two Teardrop Brothers. Also known for District C-11 (2016), Dystopia (2016) and No Place For Soft Eyes (2015) and an award winning performance as a divorced father in the short film, Love And Laundry Soap (2013). He studies with L.A. acting coaches Peter Kelley and Molli Benson as well as New York acting coach Tom Todoroff. He is also trained in stage combat, tactical firearm maneuvers and boxing. A former collegiate sprinter competing Division 1, he was once ranked in the top 3 athletes in New England. He has numerous records and is in his Alma mater’s Athletic Hall of Fame. When not filming, he enjoys weight training, motorcycle riding and smoking his pipe on the back porch. He spends quiet time with his family or reading/writing screenplays.