Ronnie Kerner

Ronnie “The Rottweiler” Kerner is a Jewish, born New York native with dual American and Israeli citizenship. A Reformed gangster, Ronnie is now an actor and speaker. Utilizing his inner rage and confusion, Ronnie began a career of fighting in the underground boxing realm. Word of mouth spread quickly; Kerner was a tremendous warrior in the ring, earning a 32-1-0 record through his victories in the “smoker circuit.” Because of this, he was hired for side jobs that required significant muscle. These opportunities surfaced through pre-existing relationships Ron held with hustlers, wise guys and close relationships he had developed in the American Mafia. These work transactions eventually lead to steady jobs on the streets. Kerner was a full inductee into “the life” and ultimately became active in this world. In this environment, he fell under drug addictions and unfortunate, inaccurate charges. After an actual conviction, he was taken from federal correctional facilities to a federal halfway house. Kerner has traveled to hell and back. More than once. Eager to pursue happiness and to create a harmonious and safe upbringing for his daughter, Kerner has entirely turned his life around. But to him, “the life NEVER goes away.” Complete motivation and clarity allowed him into many doors. Partnering up with an old friend’s company Junior Entertainment, he has had the privilege of producing infamous music artists’ work such as Notorious BIG, Snoop Dogg and 50 cent. An avid film watcher, Ronnie has begun an acting career, having appeared in films such as Night Bird directed by Damian Chapa. Other mentionable projects are Second Chances and multi award winning, Mourning On Charlotte Street by Nick Scochamero. Ron has also been featured in the music video Whut’s Real by NLZ ft : The WU Tang Killer Bees and the pilot of The Michael Blackson Show. Ronnie is invested in helping those who are struggling find the proper outlet. He is primarily interested in doing this through hosting, acting, interviews and motivational speaking. He wants his story to help those who are thinking the only answer they have, is to turn to a path of darkness. A comic book, biography book and TV series are in the works about Kerner and his life.